Use of advanced technologies to increase well productivity based on the use of vibro-acoustic equipment for the development of oil fields



The work was commissioned by JSC VNIIneft (RF) and JSC KazNIPImunaigas (Kazakhstan). Experimental - industrial tests were carried out in April - May 2012.


The development of the first models of vibro-acoustic equipment was started in 1995. In the process of testing the technology, test trials were organized with the support of TatRITEKneft, Bashneft, Udmurtneft, CNPC (PRC).

Solved problems

1. Increase the oil recovery factor by reducing the viscosity of the reservoir fluid and weakening the intermolecular bonds of the hydrocarbon feedstock, ie, localizing the manifestation of the structural and mechanical properties of the oil, contributing to the occurrence of high values ​​of hydraulic resistances.

2. Increase and maintain the inflow speed with continuous vibroacoustic action by cleaning the bottomhole zone of the formation and improving the filtration process by increasing the velocity of fluid in the near bottomhole zone.

3. Reducing the consumption of surface-active substances in the conduct of one-off or periodic repair and preventive works.

4. Increasing the continuous oil production cycle by increasing the inter-cleaning and overhaul period of the wells, as a result of preventing the formation of asphalt-tar-paraffin deposits on the internal surfaces of underground equipment.

5. Increase injectivity of injection wells with constant injection pressure.

Technology features

Ensuring the maximum synergetic effect resulting from the combined use of the wave and chemical method for treating the bottomhole formation zone, with subsequent improvement and stabilization of the results obtained due to the wave action of low-frequency vibro-acoustic equipment of our own design.

Results of application

The expected result of using the integrated technology is to improve the permeability of the bottomhole formation zone by 10 to 30%, to reduce the use of demulsifiers by two or more times, to increase the injectivity of injection wells by two or more times, to improve the interclear period and to increase the overhaul period of downhole equipment by 40-60%


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