Development and manufacturing of an executive mechanism of an electromagnetic vibration unit (EMVU) for equipping existing crystal growth plants with the method of directional crystallization.



The work was commissioned by the D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (Department of Chemistry and Technology of Crystals).

Solved problems

Creation of equipment for studying the structural characteristics of melts of chemical compounds during the growth of crystals by directional crystallization in cases of activation of the process by axial low-frequency vibrations.

Design Features

EMVU consists of a stator in the form of an electromagnetic transducer with a periodic magnetic system and a rotor with cylindrical permanent magnets (PM) placed on a non-magnetic rod, alternating the polarity of the magnetization vector in the axial direction. The arrangement of the poles of the PM with respect to the poles of the electromagnetic converter ensures the occurrence of an axial force between the stator and the rotor when the current flows in the coils. The centering of the inner movable part is realized by means of a magnetic suspension.


The use of the EMVU in the composition of a growth plant with a working pressure of 10e-4 Pa to 1.5 atm. The temperature range is from 20 to 150 °C.

The payload is a cylindrical disc on a long rod weighing from 450 to 800 g.

The amplitude and frequency of oscillations of the movable part of the EMVU are adjustable. The maximum values of the amplitude of the oscillations are 0.8 mm at a frequency of 20 Hz, 0.3 mm at a frequency of 40 Hz. The operating frequency range is from 20 to 40 Hz. The direction of vibration is vertical.


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