Design, modeling and construction of a low-frequency electromechanical converter for active vibration damping systems



The work was commissioned by JSC "AKIN named after academician N.N. Andreev".

Solved problems

The purpose of this work was the technical design of a low-frequency electromagnetic converter of a compensating source, intended for use in active damping systems (ADS).

Design Features

A complete model is developed for calculating the entire system, in which the electrical, magnetic, and mechanical subsystems are interconnected through the coefficients of the electromechanical coupling. A soft spring with a low coefficient of elasticity was developed, capable of working on large displacements and withstanding a large mass, while possessing high linearity (during operation, it practically does not create unwanted side harmonics). The adjusting characteristics of the electromechanical device of dependence on the elasticity coefficient are obtained.


The developed force is 160 N in the frequency range 6-10 Hz.


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