Engineering and production of magnetic systems and electromechanical devices

Magnetic measurements and experimental studies of magnetic fields, materials and products

Analysis and optimization of electromagnetic systems based on mathematical modeling



SPE "ENERGOMAG" is a modern research and production center with many years of experience in designing electrotechnical devices and equipment. The company was established in 1991 on the basis of the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Fields and Systems of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.


The basis of our successful activity is the use of the Easy Mag 3D software continuously developed and improved by the company's team to calculate and optimize the design of three-dimensional magnetic systems with stationary and non-stationary electromagnetic fields for materials with nonlinear hysteresis properties. This result was made possible by years of research, begun in 1975, in the field of modeling three-dimensional electromagnetic fields.


The key tasks of the company are: development of technical solutions and production of prototypes of unique competitive magnetic systems and devices based on them; Conducting magnetic measurements, experimental studies of magnetic fields and materials; Issue of design and technological and normative documentation; Provision of consulting services in the use of modern software for modeling physical processes.

Employees of the company are highly qualified specialists, among them are honored members of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, doctors and candidates of technical sciences, postgraduates and purposeful students of technical universities.


Working in close cooperation with our customers, we contribute to the continuous updating of existing technologies, we offer new individual solutions and develop at a pace with the industry.



Designing a low-frequency, electromechanical converter for active vibration damping systems
Development and manufacturing of an actuating mechanism of an electromagnetic vibration unit (AMVU) for equipping crystalline growth plants by directional crystallization method
Use of advanced technologies to increase the productivity of wells based on the use of vibroacoustic equipment for the development of oilfields
Development and manufacturing of sets of magnetic inductors for the complex of on-board technical facilities of the technological unit POLYZONE-2
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